Thomas Shahan
"The quick corrupt politician jumps over the lazy society" is the protest sentence that was made by P.A.R. for the ‘GravurCondensed’ exhibition organized by the “Centre d’art la Panera" (via yiannakopoulou)
Dan Gretta
"Education" – live wall painting made by Luca Barcellona for his solo exhibition at NY university in Abu Dhabi, March 2014
Photo by Tomas Shahan
KWERK font by Mauro De Donatis
Haters Gonna Hate pillow by Jessica Hische
Sergey Shapiro
Pietro Piscitelli
Neil Tasker
Lootpack – Loopdigga EPCover photo by Vivianne Oh, circa 1998
Office girl by pyhl
Speg of the Pigs
Too S-I-C-K!HutchLA:

Just picked up this @cryptk ‘Mantra Mandala’ 4 color print from @1xrun. These will sell out fast today, don’t sleep! #CryptikMovement
Bart Vollebregt