originalgiantcontent: One of my favorite REBEL8 graphics.
originalgiantcontent: Afrika Bambaataa, founder of The Universal Zulu Nation.
Universal Zulu Nation (via Mike Giant’s awesome blog)

Lettering by Sam Caunce
Super talented Áron Jancsó for Bogi
Irie-Cycle by Minutia Studios
Lubalin StudioA poster promoting the speaking engagements of Alan Peckolick and Tom Carnase in Sweden and Norway during June of 1975.
Lubalin Studio
Lubalin Studio
Lubalin, Smith, Carnase Inc. monogram logo. 1967Lettering by Tom Carnase
Richie Stewart
Sebastian Boros
Áron Jancsó is now on tumblr!
Houston Rap | Photo by Peter Beste