"Education" – live wall painting made by Luca Barcellona for his solo exhibition at NY university in Abu Dhabi, March 2014
Haters Gonna Hate pillow by Jessica Hische
Sergey Shapiro
Pietro Piscitelli
Neil Tasker
Speg of the Pigs
Bart Vollebregt
Áron Jancsó wishes us a merry Christmas!
Gordon Montgomery
Luca Cozzi
Brian Allen
Luca Barcellona
LetterAlley monogram by Ged Palmer
Brilliantly executed “W” by fellow lettering enthusiast Bart Vollebregt for the latest round of the Type Fight project.Voting is STILL OPEN for another ~2hrs on the project’s official site, and I encourage everyone interested in custom lettering to support him: closed – thanks!http://www.thetypefight.com/details/kyle-wayne-benson-vs.-bart-vollebregt
Simon Ålander